Organic Base Landscape Care

Landscape Care, Easton, PA

Your trees and shrubs play an essential part in the overall beauty of your property. They also can provide a home for many undesired insects and diseases from season to season. At times, caring for these plants can be challenging and overwhelming. Caring for your landscape plants and trees with an Organic Based Landscape Care Program will give you peace of mind and ensure your plants and trees are growing healthy and correctly! Healthy plants and trees are key to preventing pest and disease in your landscape. Integrated Turf Science is committed to helping you achieve a healthy landscape while eliminating pesticides and inorganic fertilizers which can cause potential toxic threats to humans, pets, bees, birds, and other wildlife.

Benefits of Organic Landscape Care:

  • Reduce use of fertilizers and pesticides, thereby alleviating runoff of nitrogen and toxic chemicals into waterways.
  • Less Irrigation, which conserves water and saves money.
  • Protects wildlife, pollinator health and other natural resources.
  • Provides a healthier environment for children, pets, and all others using landscaped areas.
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