Organic Base Pest Solutions

You can have peace of mind knowing that ticks, mosquitos, and other annoying insects will not be an issue in your lawn and landscape. Our Chemical Free, 100% All- Natural approach will help keep these pesty bugs at bay while keeping your family and pets safe and healthy.

The purpose of organic pest control is to help manage these issues without causing damage to other beneficial organisms. An example of this can be seen for instance when trying to get rid of mites. A chemical based solution can be used to get rid of the mites off of a plant material. It can work well to kill the mites or get rid of them, but it has a negative effect on the beneficial insects like bees and lay bugs that fly on and walk across the treated area. These negative side effects of the pesticide create LARGER long-term issues in the whole eco-system. The main purpose of using organic pest controls is to prevent such negative side effects.

We can help you achieve the pest free lawn and landscape that you desire while keeping you and you r family and pets safer and healthier. With the overwhelming information linking pesticides and other chemicals to negative health effects, you can rest assure that Integrated Turf Science will be positioned on the cutting edge of Organic Based Pest Solutions.

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