Organic-Based Lawn Care

Organic-Based Lawn Care

Lawn Care, Easton, PA

You can absolutely have a greener and healthier lawn without all of the pesticides and synthetic fertilizers! Integrated Turf Science can show you how to achieve these kinds of results. We have been assisting our customers with enjoying a safer, more healthier lawn care solution while together, also making a positive impact on our environment.

The primary focus of Integrated Turf Science is to keep your family and pets healthier and safer by using very little, if any, chemical insecticides and weed controls all while creating for you a greener, more healthier lawn.

If you live in a new home, less than 15 years old, it’s very likely that your soil is not healthy or balanced. Usually, on a newly constructed property, the least amount of topsoil is installed which makes growing a green and healthy lawn challenging. The products that we use in our programs are designed to rebuild and maintain good soil health and as a result, you achieve the lawn you always dreamed of. Your time is valuable. No more wasting your time on pesticide driven 4 step programs that YOU have to apply and maintain. At Integrated Turf Science, you will have a personal, specialized, licensed professional helping you every step of the way in the creation of your beautiful, healthy lawn- the kind of lawn that will have you and others admiring it for years! Over the years, The New Science of lawn care has changed drastically. More and more people are becoming aware of the negative side effects that chemicals, such as pesticides, are responsible for in our environment, especially when it comes to lawn care. CONTACT US TODAY to learn how you can begin creating excellent health for you and your family through a Healthier Lawn Care Solution!

Lawn Care, Easton, PA

Healthy, LIVING SOIL vs. DEAD SOIL 101:

Q: What is Healthy, Living Soil?

A: Healthy, Living Soil is a soil that is ALIVE with biological activity!

Q: What are the benefits of having a healthy, Living Soil?

A: Having a healthy, living soil that is ALIVE with biological activity creates the perfect environment for so many beneficial factors such as constant growth, beautiful color, a deeper stronger root system, Incredible resistance to disease, pests and environmental extremes such as heat and drought. The microscopic wonders that are alive in this living soil are “ Nature’s Life Support System”. Having a natural life support system in your soil improves so many things such as:

  • Nutrient Availability
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption
  • Reduces the incidence of nutrient leaching
  • Stimulates healthy plant growth
  • Improves soil structure
  • Provides plants with increased resistance to environmental extremes like drought, heat, cold and foot traffic.

Q: What is DEAD Soil?

Lawn Care, Easton, PA

A: Dead soil is soil where the natural micro-organisms have been destroyed. Usually a traditional, chemical/ pesticide approach to lawn care destroys the natural micro-organisms in the soil, therefore, killing the soil! Pesticides are chemicals. Dead soil is unhealthy soil. The lawn with dead soil feeds only on fertilizers being applied to it and when the food supply runs low, disease and pests move in quickly!

The I.T.S. Difference: “I.T.S. AMAZING!”

Integrated Turf Science makes Healthy soil, also referred to as “Living Soil”. Healthy, living soil is the foundation to every I.T.S. Lawn Care Program. Simply put, “The healthier the soil, the healthier the plants”

Integrated Turf Science FEEDS your lawn organic fertilizers and microbes along with missing nutrients that your grass needs. As a result of healthy grass growth, weeds and insects can be managed more easily too! With healthy, living soil, everyone and everything benefits!

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